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The Story of the Sandoval Collections Creation



January 2006


              My son Alex and his wife Chris came to spend some vacation time with me in Pittsburgh, PA. Chris shared with me these wraparound bracelets on memory wire she was making. They were beautiful and so easy to make. She shared with me how to make them and how I can just add any color bead on them and how ladies loved them because they were so easy to put on and wear.


                Well I got hooked and began buying memory wire and finding whatever beads I could get. I then began to go to a local flea market in Pittsburgh "Rossi's Pop Up Market" in North Versailles where I had me a permanent booth. I had wraparound bracelets galore. The ladies loved them, 'ESPECIALLY" the ladies who said how "easy" and "quick" they were to put on and that they were so affordable they were able to continue to come every single weekend and buy different colors for their entire wardrobe.

 So yes I was excited and they put that thought about "Catering to the Working Woman" and excited that my customers were happy with me thinking about them and their wants and needs for their fashion taste.

I then began to just look at jewelry and how it was made. My good friend Lisa Tabb who was also selling handmade jewelry there began to share with me her skills and also shared with me "I sell all my beaded jewelry at a reasonable price because everyone is on a budget and if it didn't cost me that much to make I should not charge that much either"....hence began our great friendship and my start to learning how to make beaded jewelry.

I had steady customers every single week, coming in to see what new pieces I made for that week. The older generation ladies loved it because the bracelets and necklaces were so easy and quick for them to put on.

I left Pittsburgh, PA in January 2008 after spending almost 3 years at Rossi's Pop Up Market in North Versailles, PA. Every time I go there to visit my children I try to visit the flea market and see the same group of vendors there and even the same customers.

 I began to show my handmade jewelry at work to the ladies I work with, and seeing how my prices were reasonably priced, they began to also look forward to new pieces to add to their every day wardrobe and add to their budget.

 "Catering To The Working Woman" makes me feel great. Not just because everyone likes my Handmade Jewelry, but because it does my heart good to see everyone being able to buy something they "like" and "want".


With Much Love & Care!  Thank You for Stopping By!