Sandoval Jewelry Collections

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Cheryl Davis is wearing a brand new set she got for her birthday.  She is one of my favorite customers and is "Always" sporting  The Sandoval Collection pieces. Thanks Cheryl.

Cheryl also has a business of her own in which she caters. If you want Theeee Best baked desserts just send her an email @:                  


“Maria has an amazing talent for hand crafting her original jewelry pieces!  I have many pieces from the Sandoval Collection and everywhere I go I get compliments all the time!  Maria’s jewelry is unique—the design and crafting of each piece is absolutely exquisite & beautiful!  I feel blessed to have acquired such an extensive treasure trove of her original jewelry pieces!  Thank you, Maria for making me look fabulous in the Sandoval Collections!"

Trina B—Springfield, VA


Laura Barker-ex-co-worker for Arlington County. Thank you Laura for always being a big supporter of The Sandoval Collections. I thank you for introducing me to your Parents also and your mom always liking my pieces and also purchasing. And yes I know Blue is your favorite color and glas you stepped out the box and bought some orange.


Ashley here is wearing one of my BC Colections piece. Lapiz with Copper. She is another one of my favorite customers, who is always wearing and promoting my pieces. She always awaits what new piece I will be creating. Thank you so much Ashley, as you wear The Sandoval Collections pieces very well.