Sandoval Jewelry Collections

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Eddy Davis
First and foremost for “Always” being there for me from the beginning of my time here in Alexandria. My computer man.
Cheryl Davis
 When Eddy introduced me to you, I immediately felt the warmth and sincere friendship from you. Your honesty and trustworthiness can’t be beat. I am glad I made you my jewelry broker to showcase my creations to all those you come across. (one of my satisfied customers)
Trina Bowman
One of my # 1 customers of my Jewelry pieces and simply love how she advertises my jewelry by always wearing my pieces. Thank you Trina (one of my satisfied customers)
Robert Washington
I couldn’t have asked for a better friend and confidant. Your ideas, your encouragement, your willingness to always take me to go find some more beads, your generosity on bringing me new stuff to implement in my creations.
My very first customers here in Virginia at my place of employment.
 Your compliments, your purchases and most importantly, your sincere friendship. Karen, June, Maggie, June, Maria, Tarsha & Reesa.